Membership Options

Premier Club

 £23 A month which includes a choice of online membership or one live class per week.

Premier Plus Club

£27 A month which includes unlimited live classes.

Premier club exclusive 

£35 A month which includes unlimited live classes and unlimited online membership.

Memberships can be cancelled at any time  and are payable by Standing order 1st month payable in advance -


What Happens at Class

Classes last for an hour and 15mins In the first 30 minutes everyone gets weighed, individually in privacy (optional). This is also where you catch up with old or new friends in a relaxed atmosphere. New members very quickly settle in and become part of the group.

and it includes a 5 minute talk on motivational ideas or diet tips etc.

This is followed by a 45 minute exercise session. This session caters for all ability levels so don’t worry if you haven’t exercised for a long time, if ever.

Making mistakes is all part of the fun.. So smile laugh and enjoy!

What do I

What do I need

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • Suitable footwear (Trainers, not bare feet)

  • A drink of water in a leak proof bottle

  • An exercise mat or a bath towel

  • A small hand towel

  • Weights/Kettlebells/Toning bands if you have them

  • A Smile

Natasha George-Sloan

I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager and when I was at school I got into the horrible circle of being bullied and ending up eating to feel better. My before picture was taken in February 2010. I got married the October of that year and decided I couldn't 'waddle' down the aisle. I started slimming and lost 5 and a half stone, I then had my two children and put weight back on. After having my 2nd child last October I started at Miranda's club in January and with amazing support from some lovely ladies I have lost the weight I gained and more. I am currently at a 9 stone weight loss all together and hope to do another stone by the end of the year. I can do so many things I have never been able to do before, I can run around with my little boys and go into shops and not worry about going to the bigger section. I feel amazing. Thank you so much for your support Miranda you are amazing.